How to choose your wine

Find that wine that matches your style, personality or food here.

Generally speaking... wines that go well with...

  • Most Wine-Friendly Foods What goes with any wine? The dishes the pros recommend tend to offer some combination of salty, crunchy and rich. i.e. Charcuterie
  • Humble foods make wine shine.
  • Vegetables "The last thing you want with salads is a big, buttery wine. You want something light and balanced, like an unoaked wine." - Try the Yarrawood Pinot Noir.

Need it light?

"If I'm at a wedding where the wine options are rough, I take a light, high-acid white like Sauvignon Blanc and add seltzer and lime," says Emily Wines of Kimpton Hotels.


Favorite All-Purpose Wine: Rosé

"Rosé captures the new vintage's youthfulness," says Steven W. Alexander of Chicago's Spiaggia, who has provided all-rosé pairings for one of the restaurant's tasting menus.

  • Pinot Noir-based Rosé can be depended on to deliver good quality with soft, easy characteristics of plums, spice and an array of savoury fruits. 
  • Sangiovese typically produces drier styles of Rosé, with savoury cherry flavours. 
  • Cabernet Rosés offer bright berry flavours, often with a leafy, herby edge. 
  • Grenache-based Rosé has emerged; these wines tend to be sweeter, fuller and offer a vast array of berry based fruit flavours.

Rosé by the Glass
"Rosé is the most versatile wine," notes Andrey Ivanov of Brasserie by Niche in St. Louis. "Our chef says we must have a rosé by the glass, or something terrible will happen."

Cold-Weather Rosé
When the weather cools, Courtney Bissonnette from Coppa in Boston turns to heavier rosés made with the Mencà­a grape: "This wine showed me I can drink rosé all year."

Australian Rosé Wine

Yarra Valley Rosé
The Yarra Valley is one of the few regions in Australia that excels in both still and Sparkling Rosé styles. Pinot Noir dominates and the still wines are mostly savoury, well textured and old world.

Which would you rather have on a steak?

Cracked Black Pepper - Try the De Bortoli Deen Vat 1 Durif

Béarnaise Sauce - You want a lush, smooth Yarrawood Cabernet Merlot. 

Which sounds more appealing?

Blackberries -You love fruit. Try the 2004 Reserve Shiraz by Carhillton 

Truffles -You're a fan of earthy, funky umami flavors. Try the Pinot Noir by Yarrawood


Long Black. 
Bitter sweetness! You like your wine a little mellow, aged well & solid finish.
Petite Sirah just your thing...
Try the Durif by De Bortoli Deen Series from VAT 1. 
(Gold at Rutherglen, Gold at Riverland Wine Show and Trophy winner at Rutherglen)

Creamy Latter?

You prefer something creamy like a latte.
Just the right blend of cream & coffee? - Try the Cabernet Merlot.

Whole Milk
Go for richer, more full-bodied wines—

Skim Milk
You like lighter-style wines - try the Carhillton Shiraz Reserve 2004

Corked, not screwcapped & well-aged. Aromas immediately apparent, soft hint of tannins complemented by strong, clean & crisp flavor - well bodied and flavorsome - representing a prime vintage of that year.

Grapefruit Juice
You like things with high acidity—for whites, that means varieties like Riesling.

Orange Juice
You prefer sweeter, riper flavors - try the Hopwood Verdelho.

Sweet & Creamy ... full bodied Chardonnay with strong hints of oak.

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Tinge of lemon...High acidity...

Try the Sauvignon Blanc.