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Whitebox red wines are made from the premium grapes grown on our vineyard in the Heathcote region. The mild climate and unique terroir of the Heathcote region produces bold, full-bodied, smooth red wines and is particularly famous for its empathy for shiraz wines.


Whitebox white wines are made from the premium grapes grown on our vineyards in the both Heathcote and Yarra Valley regions. The cooler climate of the Yarra Valley lends itself to the production of the more subtle grape varieties, producing more intensely flavoured  and expressive white wines. The mild climate of the Heathcote region allows more varietal expression of the fruit.


The White Box Winery was constructed just in time for the 2004 vintage. It is sited harmoniously amongst one of Australia’s largest remaining stands of eucalypt tree, the White Box. The colours of the winery were selected to integrate with the beauty of the surrounding environment - the ochre red of the roof matches the bright colour of the Cambrian soils of the district and the straw yellow of the walls is the colour of the summer crops and pastures. The curvaceous shapes of the rooflines match the shape of the Mt. Camel range immediately to the west.


WhiteBox Shiraz 2016

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